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Spec Campaign for Indoor Recess Ad Competition


Client: Twitch

Project Manager: Erica Kao

Account Lead: Vanessa Buck

Strategists: Alena Huynh, Paulina Alvarez

Copywriters: Alex Wilson, Julia Garicochea

Art Directors: Mallory Rosten, Hongyu Lu

I competed as an art director in the Indoor Recess ad competition. The challenge? Find a fun way for streamers to promote the Twitch Rivals Minecraft game. Streamers aren't your typical influencers- they hate branded content, and want to engage with their fans in an authentic way. 

Basically, we need to make an ad campaign that didn't look like an ad campaign. 

We created a social media contest where fans could compete to win their favorite streamers in-game advantages, and a little something for themselves too.

Now, streamers wouldn't feel like they'd be spamming their fans, and fans would be invested in the outcome of the Twitch Rivals game.

Contest Announcement

Contest Announcement

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Video created by Hongyu Lu

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